Friday, July 2, 2010

The Best Television Shows You're Not Watching

Seriously. Get on it.

1) Design Star The Project Runway of interior decorating; the judges don't have
personalities but the challenges are great and the boys are handsome.

2) Dance Your Ass Off Overweight people dance to lose weight. It sounds objectifying but, uh, it is so good.
Because they are actually good dancers. And the judges are tough.
This show has so much heart.

3) The Fabulous Beekman Boys Two New York gays buy a farm in upstate. They plan big
events and see things very differently. They bicker
about whether or not they should wash the pigs before
the party and whether or not the goats should wear bows.
But at the end of the day they are totally in love. It
is so awesome.

4) Jersey Coutoure An over-the-top Jersey family runs the world's tackiest dress shop. There is a
lot of yelling; they grab their customers boobs and asses. It's
worth every second.


Anonymous said...

And "The OCD Project," which I spent a good long time thinking about at work today.

threewaxbirds press said...

YES. We've been meaning to catch up on that.